Mother The Child

by Buddy Fanjoy

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One day I came home from work and my wife Nancy said "I don't know if I'm not cut out for this", referring to the rough day she had at home with our kids. This inspired me to write this song for her. I love and appreciate her so much for all of the sacrifices that she has made over the years in bringing up our children and wanting the very best for them and our family. For you Nance - Love Buddy


Mother the Child
words & music by Buddy Fanjoy © 1994

It’s the end of the day, you’re all worn out
You wonder if this is what it’s all about
You got one off to school and two at your heels
You listened to their laughter but also their squeals

And you say to yourself ‘I’m not cut out for this’
But then you remember the hug and the kiss
And one day you’ll see it was all worthwhile

To love and to care for
Always be there for
Help them prepare for heaven…
And mother the child

You pray to the Lord to strengthen your grip
You feel after today, you’re starting to slip
And He watches and listens, then kindly bestows
Just what you need for He only knows

And as you close your eyes and you fade off to sleep
Praying for each one, their soul He’ll keep
And as tomorrow approaches, another long mile

To walk and to squawk with
Find the right sock with
Take time to talk about heaven…
And mother the child

And into the night, you peaceably rest
But suddenly wake to a cry of distress
They come down with the flu, you’re up through the night
A mother turned nurse in the blink of an eye

And as your holding the hand and you’re ministering love
You think of the sacrifice of Him up above
And then it all comes home just what it’s all about…

To live and to die for
Pray and to cry for
Open young eyes to heaven…
And mother the child, Mother the child, Mother the child.


released April 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Buddy Fanjoy Woburn, Massachusetts

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